Carolyn Bentzinger

Responsive, Professional and Results Driven. A few years ago we were exploring the possibility of moving so I was looking online for homes. I saw one that was of interest but had some questions – Robin was the listing age Not knowing her, I was fearful in contacting her thinking that she would somehow leach on; resort to an oversell strategy, and be more than I wanted to deal with. Instead, her response was one that stuck with me over the next few years and I knew that when we were finally ready to sell our home, she would be one of the realtors we’d meet with and interview. That early encounter in which she was extremely responsive; helpful with suggestions with the right balance of being low key yet slightly persistent was refreshing. This Spring we finally decided to put our home up for sale and reached out to Robin and 3 other realtors. All seemed to be very competent, but we ultimately selected Robin to represent and weren’t disappointed. She came to that initial meeting prepared to discuss the market; later did a great job pulling together competitive market data not only in our neighborhood but in the broader area that homeowners would also consider when looking at our home and helped us develop a pricing strategy that was competitive, positioning the home to receive a contract in just a little over 2 months. Her assistance with staging the home and the professional photographs that were taken were both an asset to our ability to sell our home. Her responsiveness and helpful suggestions throughout the process were a true pleasure and on a personal note, she listens, cares, and is a good person – one I consider to be a new friend! She was the perfect fit for us and we highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring the market to find their next home or to sell their home.

– Carolyn Bentzinger, Highlands Ranch, Boerne