Luxury with a Legacy: Philanthropy in Texas Real Estate

As the Texas landscape embraces the subtle shift of seasons, marked by cooler evenings and a harvest-ready land, we are reminded that Thanksgiving is more than a festivity; it’s a season of gratitude, reflection, and community. In the Lone Star State, where the horizons are as wide as the generosity of its people, luxury real estate transcends opulent homes and exclusive addresses—it’s about forging a legacy of philanthropy that enriches, supports, and fortifies the communities we cherish. Saunders Luxury Group has always recognized this profound connection, seamlessly blending the world of high-end real estate with a steadfast commitment to charitable endeavors. real estate photograp


Throughout this season of warmth and giving, Saunders Luxury Group encourages a reflective approach to how each of us can contribute meaningfully to these worthy causes. We invite our clients, colleagues, and the community at large to join us in enhancing our philanthropic efforts. Whether through volunteering, financial support, or advocacy, there is a role for everyone to play.


Get to Know the Causes We Support

It starts with a simple backpack – an unassuming vessel carrying hope and sustenance. Blessings in a Backpack is a national non-profit organization that Saunders Luxury Group is proud to partner with. This organization understands that hunger doesn’t take the weekends off. For many children, school meals may be the only ones they can rely on. By filling backpacks with food for the weekend, we ensure that children come to school on Monday ready to learn and thrive. This initiative has taught us that luxury can be a force for practical generosity, turning the abundance of a few into blessings for many.

The mission of Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries resonates deeply with our core values. This faith-based, regional ministry provides a mentorship program paired with food, resources, and training to help families in need. As a team, Saunders Luxury Group has witnessed the tangible impact of HCDBM in the Hill Country area and understands the importance of providing not just aid but also the tools for self-sufficiency. It’s about creating a foundation from which individuals and families can build a stable, hopeful future.

The Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center is another charity that Saunders Luxury Group holds dear. This non-profit provides vital services to women and families during one of life’s most significant transitions: the journey to parenthood. With compassionate care, counseling, and support, the HPCC offers a welcoming hand to those who find themselves in need of assistance. In backing this center, we emphasize the real estate industry’s role in fostering the well-being of every family, ensuring that they have the support to grow in a stable environment.

Saunders Luxury Group’s philanthropic outreach extends into every corner of the community, as evidenced by its support for Boerne Blaze, an athletic program designed for children and adults with physical and intellectual challenges. This inspirational initiative empowers participants through sports, promoting inclusion, health, and self-confidence. By supporting Boerne Blaze, Saunders Luxury Group advocates for the importance of community infrastructure that welcomes and uplifts all members, fostering an inclusive environment that aligns perfectly with the values we treasure in the realm of real estate.

In the same spirit of inclusivity and support, Saunders Luxury Group collaborates with Fundación Sueños. This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping children in underserved communities by providing educational support and development opportunities. By engaging with Fundación Sueños, Saunders Luxury Group is investing in the bright futures of children, ensuring they have the educational foundation necessary to build their dreams, just as we help our clients build theirs through real estate.

Taking it to the Streets is another cause close to the heart of Saunders Luxury Group. This unique charity focuses on the needs of the homeless community, providing not only food and clothing but also the dignity and compassion that every individual deserves. Our team’s participation in this charity is a testament to our understanding that luxury isn’t only about refinement and comfort; it’s also about extending a hand to those in the most need and lifting the community as a whole.

Christian Men of Boerne highlights the importance of unity and fellowship within the Boerne locale. This organization’s goal is to bring together men of faith to serve the community effectively. Through this alliance, Saunders Luxury Group aims to mirror these values within the real estate sector, bringing a sense of community and mutual support to a typically competitive industry.

RED Day epitomizes Keller Williams’ dedication to community enrichment. This annual event, held on the second Thursday in May, sees Saunders Luxury Group and the wider Keller Williams family step away from real estate to focus on giving back. It’s a day for Renewing, Energizing, and Donating—whether that’s through hands-on projects like home renovations for needy families or community clean-ups.

For us at Saunders Luxury Group, RED Day is about more than charity; it’s about strengthening the communities that we serve. It’s when our agents exchange suits for work gloves, exemplifying Keller Williams’ culture of care through practical, meaningful actions. From constructing homes to organizing food drives, RED Day is our collective commitment to making a difference, underlining our belief that the greatest luxury we can share is generosity.

Investing in youth is investing in the future of our communities. Young Life has made a profound impact on adolescents, providing them with an environment that encourages healthy relationships and personal growth. Robin Saunders has taken it upon herself to not just sell homes but to nurture the environments where future generations can safely learn, play, and discover their potential. Engaging with Young Life’s activities, be it through donations or volunteering, is an investment with immeasurable returns.

The Saunders Luxury Group’s alliance with the San Antonio Food Bank reflects our deep-rooted commitment to combat hunger and nourish our communities. This partnership extends beyond mere donations; it is a testament to our dedication to the well-being of San Antonio’s residents.

Each year, our team and extended office at San Antonio Portfolio Real Estate dedicate time to organize food drives and volunteer efforts, embodying the spirit of service that runs through the core of our mission. We understand that a home’s value is not just in its architecture but in the community it supports. Our collaboration with the San Antonio Food Bank is one of the many ways we help to ensure that no table within our community is without nourishment. By contributing to this vital organization, we’re not only feeding the hungry but also cultivating a culture of care that enriches every corner of our city.

In the heart of Texas, where family and community are the fabric of daily life, Saunders Luxury Group finds a kindred spirit in Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA). This noble organization provides a critical haven for children in crisis, offering a safe space for healing and growth. RMYA’s expansive services, including emergency shelter, long-term residential care, transitional living for young adults, counseling, and educational programs, align with our vision of community support. We commend RMYA’s commitment to nurturing the potential of each child and young adult in the San Antonio area and Boerne, Texas. Together, we strive to contribute to their mission, creating pathways to success and stability for our community’s future leaders.

Saunders Luxury Group celebrates the compassionate work of Charming Pet Rescue in Boerne, Texas. This dedicated rescue provides a lifeline for animals in need, offering shelter, care, and the chance for a loving home. Their tireless efforts ensure that our furry friends find companionship and safety. We are proud to stand with Charming Pet Rescue in their endeavor to protect and cherish every pet’s well-being. Join us in supporting a cause that brings joy and unconditional love to both pets and families in our community.

Saunders Luxury Group is proud to support the Delta Kilo Foundation in their mission to aid our Special Forces community and their families. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the foundation provides essential services and support, honoring the sacrifice of our nation’s heroes. Their commitment to fostering resilience and camaraderie among veterans resonates deeply with our values. We stand with Delta Kilo Foundation as they uplift the lives of those who have served, and we invite you to join us in backing this noble cause.

Saunders Luxury Group stands with Still Water Camps, endorsing their mission to create safe, diverse environments to share the truth of the Gospel through evangelistic and discipleship-focused initiatives to build community and transform lives. We support their “Adopt a Camper” campaign, ensuring that values of faith and leadership reach every child. Still Water Camps play a crucial role in developing leadership and integrity in young people. This initiative is close to our heart, reflecting our dedication to community and spiritual growth.

Saunders Luxury Group, in collaboration with San Antonio Portfolio Real Estate, proudly supports ChildSafe San Antonio, an organization dedicated to aiding child survivors of abuse and neglect. Through our participation in San Antonio Portfolio Real Estate’s annual Toy Drive, we help bring joy and comfort to these children during challenging times. ChildSafe San Antonio is vital in providing therapeutic and support services to young survivors, a mission that resonates with our commitment to community welfare. Our involvement in the Toy Drive is a direct expression of this commitment, reflecting our dedication to creating safer, more nurturing environments for all.


Saunders Luxury Group’s commitment goes beyond seasonal charity. We commit to building a tradition of philanthropy that runs as deep as the foundations of the homes we sell. We strive to create a legacy where luxury real estate stands not only for exclusive living but for inclusive giving, where every transaction enriches the lives of others and where every home sold under the Saunders Luxury Group banner becomes a beacon of hope and generosity.

This Thanksgiving, we urge fellow realtors and homeowners to consider how they, too, can build a legacy of philanthropy. Whether it’s by partnering with a charity, volunteering time, or making a home sale an avenue for charitable giving, every effort counts. In the end, luxury with a legacy is about crafting a narrative of giving, community, and love that will be the hallmark of the Saunders Luxury Group and the broader Texas Hill Country real estate market for generations to come. Let’s give thanks for our abundance by sharing it with those less fortunate, turning our blessings into a collective force for good.

If you have any questions about our local communities or wish to connect with the causes we support, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help guide you through the process of giving back and making a difference. Reach out to Saunders Luxury Group today!

Malory & Dan Auriemma
Malory & Dan Auriemma
Fair Oaks Ranch
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Robin was a wonderful realtor to work with! She provided a lot of information on the market and helped us to list our house at the right price, where we even received multiple offers in a slower market. She was always available to answer any questions we had and helped us to negotiate a great deal. We would highly recommend Robin to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks for all your help!
Kayla Rogers
Kayla Rogers
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
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We have worked with multiple realtors in our home buying experience and Robin and her team stand out from the rest. She is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with! Robin is so thorough, professional, and knowledgeable about the market and trends. She was so responsive to all of our questions and a great negotiator for us in the home buying process. I would highly recommend and trust Robin with all of your real estate needs! You won’t be disappointed!
Victoria Makar
Victoria Makar
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
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Robin went above and beyond during the sale of our house. She provided concierge service and was dedicated to making the process seamless and easy for us, especially as we were out of state. She's a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her, or to have her as our agent again. Thanks Robin!
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